MyHealth Clinic conducts first cataract surgery at Robinsons Manila branch

MyHealth Clinic, the country’s largest network of full-service ambulatory clinics offering the most-extensive healthcare services, recently conducted its first cataract operation at its Robinsons Manila branch. 

Cataract is when the lens of the eye becomes clouded, thus leading to blurry or decrease in vision. It is most common with people who suffer from diabetes or hypertension, as well as those who are exposed to utraviolet radiation from the sun.

In the Philippines, cataract is the most common cause of blindness. In a 2015 report by the Department of Health the number of Filipinos who are suffering from blindness was already nearing 300,000, of which 59% is due to cataract. 

Cataract Surgeries Explained
We sat down with Ophthalmologist Dr. Angelina Jopson, who held the very first cataract surgery at MyHealth Clinic in Robinsons Manila, to talk about cataracts and cataract surgery. Dr. Jopson has been practicing cataract surgery, as well as other eye surgery procedures, since 1995. 

According to Dr. Jopson, cataract is the number one cause of blurred vision especially among the elderly. The best way to cure cataracts is through surgery. “But not all cataract cases should be operated for as long as it doesn’t affect everyday life. What matters most is the integrity and preservation of every patient’s overall healthcare.”

Cataract surgery recovery varies among patients. According to Dr. Jopson, some patients may take three to four days before their vision clears up. Some can take just a day for them to recover from the surgery. “For as long as the retina is not damaged, and there are no complications during the surgery, their vision should go back to normal almost instantaneously.”

Dr. Jopson added, “A patient would still see his doctor up to a month after surgery to see if the implants are still there, and to make sure the eye is not infected as caused by the surgery.”

Partnership with MyHealth Clinic
As one of the Ophthalmologists doing eye surgery at MyHealth Clinic-Robinsons Place Manila, Dr. Jopson pointed out the benefits of partnering with MyHealth Clinic.

“The facilities are clean, the staff are very courteous and efficient, and the information dissemination is very effective. It is also very easy to refer patients to other specialists since MyHealth is complete with an extensive network of medical specialists from different expertise,” said Dr. Jopson.

MyHealth Clinic is located at the 4th Floor of Robinsons Place Manila, and is open Mondays to Sundays, 7:00AM to 8:00PM. Cataract surgeries are done every Wednesday. For inquiries and appointment scheduling of eye surgeries, please call (02) 784-6930 / (0917) 843-2939 / (0999) 227-9495 or email

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