Workers deserve to prioritize their health despite their busy schedules. We, in partnership with companies, can make quality 

healthcare easier to avail with clinic management services, comprehensive packages, and streamlined processes. 

Currently, we are servicing over 20 corporate companies each ranging from 1000-8000 employees.

Our Corporate Clinic Management services include:

Deployment of MyHealth medical team

Your clinic will be manned by our dedicated and reliable healthcare team. We manage patient cases of corporate employees  end-to-end 一 from diagnosis, to laboratory test compliance, to the monitoring of the patients post-treatment.

We are 100% compliant to the DOLE Labor Standards and the Business Continuity Plan for Manpower Requirement. 

We also ensure that our deployed medical teams receive continuous learning and development and check-in visits from the      Cluster Supervisor to ensure that our clients are receiving topnotch healthcare service. 


Health & Wellness Programs

We strive to empower people in taking care of their health. MyHealth can help conduct various health and wellness programs in companies such as:

        • Regular health talks for awareness and well-being
        • Health Caravan with booths and activities from our healthcare partners
        • Health-related employee engagement activities such as Zumba classes, fitness challenges, and healthy lunch & learn        events

*Health talks will be conducted virtually while the quarantine isn’t lifted

**Face to face events will pursue after the quarantine is lifted


Other services made available at cost 

        • Provision of medicine and medical supplies for employees
        • Waste management (hauling & treatment) of medical-related waste 

Email to inquire or become our Corporate Client