Pregnancy Care Ultrasound Package

7,200.00 5,500.00

Pregnancy Ultrasound Package

A healthy baby starts with a healthy mom. Avail of all the ultrasound procedures you need all throughout your 9-month journey to motherhood, with MyHealth’s Pregnancy Ultrasound Package.

For only P5,500, it includes all the ultrasound procedures your OB-Gynecologist would recommend for you to have, from first to third trimester, plus with 1 consultation with your OB-Gynecologist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I avail of this package?

A: Option 1: You may purchase here, through our online shop, and then show your payment confirmation email (no need to print) to our clinic staff when you visit your preferred MyHealth Clinic branch. Option 2: Just go to your preferred MyHealth Clinic branch, inform our clinic staff of your chosen package, and pay at our clinic cashier.

Q: Do I need to set an appointment in availing the tests included in the packages?

A: For laboratory tests, no need to set an appointment. You may visit our clinic branches any time. But please note that if you’re having the FBS and Lipid Profile, you must fast for 10 to 12  hours in preparation for the tests. For the ultrasound procedures and consults with your OB-Gynecologist, you need to set an appointment by calling our hotline: (02) 784-6930 / (0917) 843-2939 / (0999) 227-9495.

Q: Can I pay for only half of the total package amount and just pay the rest when I get back to the clinic to have the remaining tests in the package I chose?

A: No. Since these are packages, you need to pay the total amount IN FULL.

Q: Do I need to avail of all the included tests in one visit?

A: No. Since these packages include all the tests you need throughout your 9 months of pregnancy, use only the tests you need, as ordered by your doctor. Our staff will keep a record of which tests you have used up and which ones are still available on your next visit.


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