SureServ -Pay For Your Healthcare Straight From Your Phone!

Last February 24, 2023, the Philippines’ first and only microfinancing mobile application for healthcare was introduced to the public during a media launch held in Quezon City.  SureServ is a lending app seeking to modernize Filipino healthcare by providing a closed-loop, revolving credit line system. What this means for the Filipino people is the ability … Read more

Liver test package

Why You Should Check Your Liver Health Our liver works full-time filtering everything we intake — whether it’s food, drinks, or medicine — to ensure that there are no harmful toxins in the body. Over the years, some substances may accumulate in your liver, especially excess fats. Unhealthy food and lack of exercise are major … Read more


FLU & PNEUMONIA VACCINES NOW AVAILABLE IN SELECT BRANCHES Boost your protection and schedule a vaccination with us! Go to Appointment Scheduler For bulk or on-site vaccination, please send an email to your MyHealth Account Officer or FAQs Why should I get the Flu or Pneumonia Vaccine?. Flu and Pneumonia are difficult to manage … Read more

Why It’s Important to Get Your Thyroid Checked

Are there times that you are constantly tired and depressed? Or getting an irregular heartbeat and sudden weight gain or weight loss? These are clear signs that something may be up with your thyroid.  The thyroid (located at the base of your neck) is in-charge of several hormones in your body that contribute to metabolism, … Read more

Get Quick and Essential Health Screening with Our Blood Chemistry Packages

A simple blood sample can already tell a lot about one’s health ─ whether it’s screening for diseases, monitoring health conditions, or knowing actions to take for preventive care. We at MyHealth developed these blood chemistry packages that contain the essential tests you would need in understanding your physical health. No need to worry about … Read more

Easy Screening and Monitoring of Diabetes with MyHealth’s Diabetes & Cholesterol Test Package

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects how your body produces and uses insulin, a hormone that regulates the body’s blood sugar. Left untreated, it can cause high blood sugar and raise bad cholesterol which leads to serious risks or damage to the body.  High blood sugar can cause complications with one’s nerves, eyes, skin, … Read more


We, at MyHealth Clinic, believe that knowing is the first step to fighting COVID-19. To stay true to our mission of empowering the Filipino people with value-added healthcare management options, we now give you access to the COVID-19 ON-SITE RT-PCR testing. MyHealth’s COVID-19 RT-PCR Test is a hassle-free on-site nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal procedure. Once an … Read more

10 things you can do to manage COVID 19 at home.

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Monitor your symptoms carefully if they worsen call your health care provider.
  3. Rest and stay hydrated.
  4. If you have a medical appointment, call ahead and let them know you have COVID19
  5. If your symptoms are severe call 911
  6. Cover your cough and sneezes.
  7. Wash your hands often.
  8. Stay away from others in your home, use a separate bathroom.
  9. Avoid sharing personal items.
  10. Clean all surfaces touched often