MyHealth Vaccination

MyHealth Clinic Now Accredited as Health Service Provider of COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

ONE WITH THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 — As of May 2021, MyHealth Clinic is part of the Zuellig Pharma’s list of Accredited Health Service Providers for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration. 


The whole world is in the race to achieve herd immunity, wherein a large part of the population is protected from the virus, ultimately decreasing its spread. MyHealth is with the nation and the world’s goal to save lives and livelihood through vaccination. Our team of competent health care professionals are more than ready to take part in these vaccination programs. 


Even during this trying time, we are here to take care of you and your healthcare needs. Together, we can put your goals back on track and emerge stronger from this pandemic.


Interested parties that would like to know more about our COVID-19 vaccine administration service can reach out to us by emailing Those with existing accounts with MyHealth may coordinate directly with their Account Officers.