MyLifestyle+ Package


MyLifestyle+ is a comprehensive executive check-up package designed to monitor overall health and detect signs of illnesses or disease early. It comes with additional imaging tests for the heart and abdomen as those are parts that may need more examination. This package is your top choice if you want to prioritize your overall health now and in the future. 

Please see More Info tab below for specific package inclusions. 


After buying this package, the patient must be the one to schedule their clinic visit using MyHealth’s Appointment Scheduler. This can ensure that the availment can be accommodated by their preferred clinic branch.


How do I avail this in the clinic after buying?

You will receive a confirmation email that your purchase has pushed through.

nce you have that, take note of the Order No. and schedule your visit to one of our clinic branches using the Appointment Scheduler:

Please wait for a confirmation of your appointment before proceeding to the clinic as walk-ins do not have a guaranteed time of accommodation. 

Can I buy this package for someone else?

Yes but make sure to indicate the name and details of the person (patient) that will be availing of the package in the Billing Details section during check-out. The person (patient) must bring a printed/digital copy of the receipt and one (1) valid ID during their scheduled appointment of their medical exam. 

What preparations are needed before having my medical exam?

  • Get a confirmed appointment from your preferred clinic branch using our Appointment Scheduler: 
  • If you purchased via the website, please bring your receipt and one (1) valid ID.
  • The Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test requires you to have fasting for 10 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

Can I avail this in the clinic without buying on the website first?

Yes, you may directly avail of this package in your preferred clinic branch. Please take note that the price for the package will be the walk-in rate (website promos or discounts are not included). Make sure to schedule your visit beforehand.


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