Ease Your Back Pain With Our Therapeutic Package

Surely you’ve experienced doing work for long hours, sometimes not in the most comfortable position, right? Or maybe you have some back pain that keeps on nagging you from time to time? 

Ignoring that discomfort might make it worse in the long run. We can help look into it and nip that pain in the bud when you avail our Back Pain Therapy Package, a reliable rehabilitation medicine package conducted only by our best physical therapists.


This package is good for a half area of the back (patient will have choice of upper or lower back) and consists of the following procedures:

  • Exercises and Ultrasound for Basic Core Modalities with a Physical Therapist
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation applying mild currents for pain relief
  • Soothing Cold & Hot Moist Pack 


Schedule it as an appointment in one of our clinics.

You may do any of the following:

Have it as a home medical service with MyHealth HomeCare. 

Terms and conditions apply to MyHealth HomeCare appointments. Please email homecare@myhealth.ph to know more.