Before the Procedure
  • Detailed, written instructions on how to prepare for the colonoscopy will be given when the examination is scheduled
  • Review the instructions with your MyHealth Clinic doctor and find out whether your medications should be taken that day. Inform your doctor of any allergies and medical conditions, as well as other medications.
  • A clear liquid diet must be taken for a day before the procedure because the colon must be empty. This means eating only food like fat-free bouillon or broth, black coffee, strained fruit juice or gelatin.
  • On top of the liquid diet, a laxative or enema will be given the night before the colonoscopy. This will enable you to go to the toilet frequently to clean your system before the examination.
  • A consent form will be given for you to sign. This signifies that you, as a patient, understand the risk involved in the procedure, as well as the benefits and possible alternatives to it. This will also confirm your permission to go ahead with the procedure. The consent form must be signed for the procedure to push through. Talk to your MyHealth Clinic doctor for any concerns regarding the colonoscopy.
Results Results of the colonoscopy are visible immediately. If the colon is free of abnormal growth, you will be given a clean bill of health. However, if a biopsy is done, the results of the histology will be ready after several days. Should you have questions or clarifications about the results of your colonoscopy, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with your MyHealth Clinic doctor.

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